Wednesday, December 31, 2008

replaying 2008 ; previewing 2009

In the mood of drinking green tea

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A year has just passed, and this year seemed to be a pretty fast one. As I finished my pre-U at the end of 2007, and was waiting for the intake in June, I worked from January till May in a kindergarten. Working in a place full of kids is sorta tiring, but fun as well. And throughout my days there, I somehow made the kids like me (Not boasting). They asked their teacher why I was not there after I left for studies. Haha.. I do visit them when I get back home so that they will not forget me. Hehee.. Not to forget mentioning that I took 2 weeks off my usual routine and went to China to visit my aunt there. She lives in a village which was quite 'ulu'. I couldn't get used to it but somehow it was a good experience. It was soo cold over there because the snow storm that happened early this year was about to begin and I was lucky not to be trapped by the storm and spending my Chinese New Year in China. I'll lose all my 'angpaus'. Living in a village in such weather where you don't have proper facilities is tough. That's how I spent my 1st half of the year, doing the same thing everyday, living slumberly in my comfort zone. The happy days at home went through so quickly, that I barely noticed.

And it was time to leave home again for studies. What's worse is this time I'll be going further from home than KL to Malacca where I don't have friends and relatives there. Unlike in KL, where I had alot of places to go, and lotsa peepz to hang out with, be it my buddies or cousins. I suddenly felt that I missed KL so much after being here. And I was complaining about KL when I was there last time. Ironic huh?? Like it or not, the fact is I'm already here. What makes things worse is when I found out that one of my good friend that came here with me is withdrawing as he got an offer from a local uni. I was so doomed for like a few weeks. Moody and lonely I was, in a place that I'm not even familiar with. It took me months, to recover from all this crap. I don't have a close friend here, I don't like the place as well. There are so few places that I can go when I'm bored, unlike in KL. Not to mention that I don't even have a transport to ferry my lazy ass around. So I'm walking everyday, and didn't notice that I got slimmer. I wanted a car so badly!! By the way, thanks to those who provided me support. There are too many names to name. By now, after half a year, I'm used to this place, and I got a couple of friends. That makes my life better. Another 3.5 years to spend here, so I'd better live the fullest outta it.

Reached 31st Dec 2008

Previewing 2009

Well, hopefully it will be a great year ahead, despite the current financial crisis hitting the rest of the world by next year. A new year, a new ME, a better ME. My 2009 resolution would be
  1. Drink more water - I've been drinking very less water all this while and it's not good for health.
  2. Sleep earlier - Hopefully I could sleep at 12am or 1am the latest. Have been sleeping at 2 or 3am these days.
  3. Be more humble
  4. Make more friends - I seriously need to meet more people.
  5. Try not to spend too much ( But this is unlikely to happen as I cannot stand it when I see something I like, and I am eyeing on the new macbook now )
  6. Study harder (tsk tsk)
  7. Be a happier person
  8. Spend more time with my family
So I think that's all. Afterall I might not be able to follow all of those above, so no point of having too many. Lol.

Stay tuned for 2009.


Akira 思胜 said...


K.L.Lim said...

aiya cannot be la...
should be,
1. Hope that a dream for car will come true.
2. Take a Mac home.

Happy New Yr..

teapot said...

those are wishes mar.. i will put it into my wish list
resolution is another category, sorta target to achieve.
thx btw. happy new year

Tiewmie said...

slp b4 11pm is the best !!

teapot said...

That is somewhat impossible to me.
Can you do that?? haha