Monday, December 31, 2007

bye 07 hi 08

In the mood of drinking green tea

In less than an hour, 2007 is over. And its a start of another new year soon. 2007 was great, there were the good and the bad, and they were inevitable, they helped people grow. As for me, I can't complain much I guess. I sincerely wish all my friends and family a great year ahead. Be happy, be contented. May 2008 be a good year for everyone. Let's welcome the new year together with joy and happiness!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm different

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

I’ve learned to appreciate what I have
I’ve learned to make full use of what I have, and not to daydream
I’ve learned to think wisely, considerately
I’ve learned to become a more useful person
I’ve learned to give more and not only take from others
I’ve learned to become stronger
I’ve learned to become better
I’ve learned to become humble
I’ve found my way, my target of life, and not to blindly follow
I’m ready to sacrifice something I like
I’m aware that there are so much more for me to learn and I will continue learning
I’ve grown… and I would like to thank those who made me a better and happier person today
I’m really grateful to them, knowing that they are the ones who concern and care for me the most, no matter what
I will never forget this forever…
I love all of you

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

penang was fun

In the mood of drinking green tea

I had fun in Penang yesterday. With all my friends and all the yummy Penang food, it's the best I could have. I grew up with Penang food and of course, they are my all time favorite. We watched a movie, shop a bit (though I didn't get what i wanted YET) and had ice creams and sushi.

I love Penang char koay teow

Hokkien mee - the penang way of calling it
(some call it prawn mee)

This is the famous ais kacang

Empty plates and bowls, satisfied stomachs

'Ah Long' busy eating

Soh Chu.. Haha

I can feel the Xmas spirit

Zac Efron wannabe anyone?? Haha

which one to get??

Monday, December 17, 2007

stop it!!!!!

In the mood of drinking black tea

Why you people have to keep annoying me??!! I have my own choices to make. And stop saying I don't care!!! I hate it for real! Its important to me so I care more than you do! And stop giving me lectures!!! You are just thinking of excuses to scold me or telling me what to do, without considering the problems i'm facing with, instead of helping me to solve them and get through it. And all you know is to give me a big HOW?? everytime we talked about this matter. And when situation changes, I need some time to think. So stop asking and pushing me for a damn fucking answer!!! Just leave me alone!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I should or should I??

In the mood of drinking earl grey tea

Maybe I should feel content
Maybe I should not be so demanding
Maybe I should be happy with what I have
Maybe I should not compare too much
Maybe I should think of those who are not lucky as I am
Maybe I should complain less
Maybe I should consider more
Maybe I should believe in hopes and chances
Maybe I should rely less on others
Maybe I should be more decisive
Maybe I should not just do what others do
Maybe I should try harder to find myself and know what I really wanted
Maybe I will be a happier person if I can fulfill the above… Hopefully

Friday, December 14, 2007

where to?? part II

In the mood of drinking green tea

After thinking and thinking for a couple of days, at least I had some choices shortlisted, but yet to make a decision. Hopefully I can decide sooner....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

where to??

In the mood of drinking black tea

After visiting the education fair, many more options sprung out to me, making me more difficult to choose for myself. I've been procrastinating this since I finished high school. And the day has to arrive sooner or later, whether I like it or not. Its hard to decide, maybe I'm not decisive enough, or I might be too timid to make a choice, afraid that I might make a wrong one. While making choices, I still have many other considerations to take into account. I'm lost and miserable.

Monday, December 10, 2007

i love water parks

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

I was totally dead tired after having loads of fun at the water park with my friends yesterday. I particularly love the water slide where there is a steep slope at the beginning and then the next thing you know is you are projected up a high ramp before sliding down the ramp. Since the water park is small, that’s the only ride that thrills me. We also had a couple of swings at the driving range. Golfing isn’t that easy as it seems. Haha.. But I think I quite like to golf. It was a fun trip afterall.

Some high tech locker that is computer controlled

Nice lightings

Sunday, December 2, 2007

back from kl

In the mood of drinking green tea

I was so damn tired after coming back from kl yesterday. Driving all the way to and back from kl was a tedious task. And I bought myself some nice tarts from Pavilion. Love 'em.

durian and egg tarts