Sunday, November 30, 2008


In the mood of drinking green tea

Woke up late this morning and was in a hell of a rush as I was almost running late for lunch with my friend. So I texted him and postponed the lunch. After lunch I went to the library in my university to meet up with some friends for the discussion of our drama presentation. It took just a short while for me and I left them to continue with their scripts as I don't have any talking to do. Hee hee.. :p

After that, I waited for a friend to come and fetch us for a movie in the nearby cinema. We were supposed to watch Bolt in the beginning but too bad the seats were all sold out and we had to resort to watching another movie Twilight, which is a story about vampire and human love story based on a best selling novel. It is about how the vampire tried to protect his girlfriend from other vampires, how much she loved her. And I almost fell asleep in the cinema because I was tired. (Many said it's good and its up to you to decide. Don't blame me if you missed it) You can say that I'm not romantic or whatsoever. But I really don't fancy watching love stories in cinemas. I've watched some other love stories that were a lot better than this and I loved them. I then returned home, cooked instant tomyam noodles from Thailand (Yummy!!!! Those from Malaysia were no where near these) and enjoyed my episode of Prison Break. I wished I had the brains of Michael Scofield. LOL

Original plan

Turned into this

Friday, November 28, 2008

1 day in KL

In the mood of drinking chinese tea

Woke up at 6 this morning excited but tired as I did not have enough sleep. Every time I tell myself that I should sleep earlier but ended up sleeping at 1 or 2 am. I'm following a trip of my university visiting my ex-college. A place that I have many pleasant memories with my friends. And the reason I'm excited is because I will be meeting my buddies in KL soon. It has been quite some time since last I met them. Missed them a lot.

Reached KL after 2 hours in the bus. The seats were so uncomfortable that I could barely sleep. I tried to flee with my friends after we reached there but those committee forced us into the hall to listen to boring presentation. (I was there for 1.5 years and I don't need an intro about that place). There was a break after the short talk and I escaped. That guy tried to follow us but we were near to the door and he was toooo slow. Haha :p

Funny Sign..

After meeting up with my friends, we went for lunch. The food was good, the people were good. Everything is so enjoyable, especially when you have so much to talk about with your old pals.
After lunch, we went back to college and followed the bus to Times Square in KL. Of all the malls, why you choose that 1. I just can't get it. Since it was raining and no one was willing to go to Pavilion with me, I stayed put, sat down at Starbucks with a cup of ice blended and going online while waiting for them.

After coffee, I went down to the ground floor and there was an exhibition. Apparently, it was about AIDS awareness and to educate the public to show care to HIV patients. So I went to have a look with my friends. They set up something with walls like those 'ghost houses' you see in fun fairs. But there were no ghosts. Haha.. We were given an MP3 player as we were entering the place in which a narrator guides you through the exhibition with a story of a person. The narrator described about the story and instructs you to move forward where you can see the settings of the story told. This idea is nothing new in other countries where they are loaning iPods (Those I got weren't iPods LOL) in museums or galleries to guide visitors through with explanation. And it's the 1st time I see this in Malaysia. Kinda interesting. There was a part where it is a clinic and I was asked to go to the counter and put my hand on it. And a guy with a surgery mask (he sat there and looked so funny) there used a stamp and stamped a + on my hand, which means HIV +. WTF... Haha... My other friend got -. Not fair not fair!!!. But its fun larr.. After that we were given papers to leave notes for AIDS patients and fill up a survey and contact form. I was in a hurry so I passed that notes and survey part. Coz that needs time to think. I just filled up the contact form so that I will be informed about any activities going on in the future. Its good to help. I'm still considering about joining the Child Sponsorship Program by World Vision. Please support if you can. We had dinner at Subway after that and left for Malacca. The trip was darn crappy but I enjoyed the exhibition a lot. Its until 1st Dec 08 so anyone interested can go and have a look. Toodles..

In case you were wondering what does it look like

I was labelled + Zzzz

The T-shirt I bought to support their work
Its nice and cheap too (20 bucks)

Flip-flops (RM 10) as all my slippers were in non-wearable condition

Monday, November 10, 2008


In the mood of drinking earl grey tea


Sunday, November 9, 2008


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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In the mood of drinking black tea