Tuesday, December 2, 2008

02 Dec 2008

In the mood of drinking black tea

I noticed that keeping the blog updated ain't an easy task. No wonder so many bloggers were in pressure. As for me, I don't have many bloggies so I need not worry about what to write, I just don't have time. Woke up early this morning for drama practising despite sleeping late yesterday. I was so sleepy but dragged myself to the bathroom and got cleaned up. My friend then called and told me that many of the members cannot come and the thing was cancelled. I was like WTF!!! I woke up that early for nothing.

Since I was awake, I had breakfast and went to the library to work on my Engineering Graphics homework, which is technical drawing. Its complicated, hard, time and energy consuming. ARRGH!!! Its due on thursday and I still havent complete it now. While I was in the library, I tried to make my iPod work with the WPA secured wifi in the campus but failed. I went to the IT department 2 days ago and the assistant there asked me to try myself based on the website with instructions. But there are no instructions for iPods mind you. Only for Mac OS X. Durrhh...=.= I really wanna go online in school when I'm bored in the library. I will find a way to make it work!!!

After classes at 6pm, a friend of mine gave us a ride to the nearby hawker centre to buy dinner. I bought Ipoh bean sprouts chicken rice. Its ok but those in Ipoh are far better. After reaching home, the first thing I did is to turn on my laptop as it is soooo slow. It takes 20 mins to boot up to idle. WTF!!! Even playing movies and songs is choppy. It might be due to some virus or HDD problem or whatever. I don't know. I am so lazy to reformat as backing up files is so troublesome and I'm freaking busy. Maybe I'll do it this weekend. I don't have extra cash for a brand new lappie (who wanna get me the new Macbook?? Haha..) , so I must be very patient now. I must not lose my temper while waiting.

I plugged in my iPod for recharging and syncing and feasted on my meal while checking mails and stuffs (waiting most of the time). After syncing, I realised that all my applications were gone. Something's wrong with iTunes as it automatically unchecks all my applications to sync. I had to reinstall them into my Poddy and rearrange them into order of my preference. Arranging took me almost 2 hours.

After food I had sea coconut as my dessert. Had not had dessert since last 2 weeks in Marche where my cousin treated us lunch. The cakes were good. And I started reading emails after that. My assignment group member sent me an email with that part he was supposed to do so that I could compile them together. He gave me 20+ pages from wikipedia a day before expecting me to summarize it for him. And as if I'm so dumb that I don't know how to copy and paste from Wiki. I texted and asked him to redo in quite a unpleasant 'tone' as I was so fed up that day with so much to do. That was just unbearable. Today he gave me as I wanted, 1 page. But that article is from the internet and I know it because I used it in the intro. The exact one. He changed 'sports' into 'badminton' and thinks it is a different thing. He didnt even read after editing.

Example 1:
Sports has been bringing people from all over the world together since the first Olympics in Greece many years ago.
Badminton has been bringing people from all over the world together since the first Olympics in Greece many years ago.
Badminton was not in the 1st Olympics!!!!

Example 2:
If you are playing the sport by yourself
If you are playing the badminton by yourself
'THE' badminton??

In the end, I wouldnt even bother to ask him to redo, as he will still give me a piece of crap in the end and wasting my time and money to call him. So I sacrificed my study time for tomorrow's test and did it myself. It's done now. Hehe. I'm wondering how come there is such a LAZY person. Its madness. I'll never be in the same group with him EVER!!

I thought of changing my blog template but still I HAVE NO TIME!! Wait till I'm free.. I really wanna change it. Sien already.. I still have test tomorrow night and I didnt even started studying. Great!!!
Have to find time in between classes to study or else I'll sure fling it.
I failed to sleep early again tonight. I think sleeping early shall be my next year's resolution. Haha.. Nights


Tiewmie said...

nvr worry he come view ur blog ????

teapot said...

not at all. 1st of all. he don't know my blog, and i don't plan to let him know. 2nd, if he sees it, i don't care as i'm telling the truth and what he thinks is not important to me. I sound so arrogant.. LOL..