Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15 Dec 2008 - Drama

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Yesterday was very tiring, but it was a happy day. I went to class from 9am till 7pm. And the happy thing was our drama presentation in the afternoon. We were the 1st group to present and everyone was so nervous as we barely had enough time so set up everything. Everyone in the group tried their very best during the drama. Although its was a bit of a chaos, but everything was handled. After the drama, the crowd cheered and we were all so relieved that our hard work pays off. Our lecturer gave good comments on our drama, and good comments come with full marks. Haha. We were the best group that day. I would like to thank all my group members for all the contributions they have made. Without all of you, this wouldn't be a success. My friends and I left the class at 6pm as the pretty-boy lecturer can't teach and we don't wanna waste our time there. Went for dinner and back home. We headed to the library at 8pm after some rest and continued with our drawings so that we could study for the upcoming test on Thursday. 2 more drawings to go. Came back home at 12am and watched my newly downloaded movie till 3.30am before calling a day off.

*video of the drama will be up soon*

Tensile testing of materials

Broken dog-bone test pieces

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