Sunday, July 29, 2007

teko down..

In the mood of drinking

I'm so god damn SICK!! Its been almost a week. Sore throat, cough, flu. This is the worst sore throat I've ever been through. Even swallowing saliva hurts. Drinking n eating is even worse. Everytime when i drink liqueur then its like that. GD it!! I'll be holding my hands together and pray to god that I'll recover soon. :(

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm ALIVE!!!

In the mood of drinking green tea

Got back my laptop finally. Its been a suffering period for me without laptop for 5 weeks. It had an 'organ transplant'. My warranty got it covered and i don't have to pay a cent. Lucky me!! I'll be careful not to spill anything on it anymore.. and will try to love it more. Wahaha

Monday, July 9, 2007

Muddy Encounter

In the mood of drinking black tea

Today was another normal 'so much to do' day in hometown as I always have many things to do and need to go here and there to get things done. One of the item in my to-do list was to send grandma to the clinic for check-up. After lunch, we left home with me driving my aunt's car. As I was driving through a shortcut, it so happened that it was school dismissal time and the tiny little road was full of cars. Suddenly a stupid car came into my way in which he should have allowed me to go 1st. I avoided it and WHOA-LA, I ended up in sticky mud!!! GREAT!!! 2 of my left tires were stuck and there's no way getting them out because they are just too deep inside and the mud is too soft. Many people passed by but they just looked, smiled and continue driving. Some nicer ones will stop and ask, gave some suggestions and asked me to try backing the car up, then left. I tried forward, reverse, and eveything I could and it just didn't work. Sometime later, a few men came to my rescue. We tried to lift the car up but its too heavy. In the end, we pushed from behind while a guy took control of the wheels. Finally, after mud splattered all over on my pants and legs, the car is up. What a relieve.. I then headed home, changed and continued checking my long to-do list. When I called my aunt and told her bout that earlier, she just said: 'I dunch noe. You figure it out yourself.' And when I told her the car was up, all she said laughingly was: 'Don't forget to wash my car for me'. Haha. Well, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to those who have helped me today. Thank you very much. I experienced it myself, the feeling of helplessness. And when rescue came, I'm felt so thankful for those who are so kind enough to help me. Give help to others if you can, as you might need others help at times. You won't know it. Lesson learnt.