Saturday, August 22, 2009


In the mood of drinking green tea

2 tests, 2 assignments and a few lab reports yet completed, the finals are near and I want to go to KL!!! 0.O

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

21 with love & joy

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

I had a wonderful 21st birthday this year. Initially, I had plans to throw a big big party, but due to budget limitations, I resorted to what's available. My birthday celebration was split into a few sessions. 1st session was with my Mom's side of family which was a week before the actual date as I was on holidays in my hometown.

2nd session
Location: Malacca
Date: 13/08/2009
People: Coursemates

I still wasn't feeling that well on that day after having a sore throat on the 2nd day after getting back to Malacca. But luckily, its not the H1N1. I still managed to drag myself out to the pre-celebration with my coursemates. It was a simple and nice dinner.

I was wearing mask to prevent virus transmission. Haha

Presents I got from them. Thanks guys!!

3rd session
Location: Schokolart, Mont Kiara, Solaris
Date: 14/08/2009
People: High School Buddies

As suggested by Chin Yee, we went to this restaurant. It turns out to be bad. Food portion is small and the taste is so-so. Not worth going. Sorry guys for picking the wrong venue.


Cute little cakes

Thanks guys!!

These girls came all the way for my birthday! :)

After dinner, some of us went to a German Pub at TTDI. It's called Boathouse. It's a nice, comfy place with some good German beer. Jie had poker chips with him and everyone put on their poker faces.

My pint


aquarium bar top

4th session
Location: A Wet Thai Restaurant, Cheras
Date: 15/08/2009
People: Family (Dad's Side)

Here comes the day!! There's nothing much in the afternoon. Went window shopping with friends at 1U before going for dinner with family. As I was at home waiting for everyone to arrive before departing to the dinner place, I saw my mom walking into the house. She came from Alor Star to celebrate my birthday with me. THANKS!!!

Present from Win-ni. Love it although you said its cheap.
Thanks, you know me well.

Choc walnut cake from my sis

Dear Mom

The kids


Family shot

My sisters

5th session
Location: Delicious, Bangsar Village
Date: 16/08/2009
People: Me, Win-ni, PuiSze

I love my Earl Grey

PuiSze. Thanks for the meal.

Present from Aunty Thor

Red Packets I recieved. Going into the bank account. ^^

I had a great 21 and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who wished me thru text, on facebook, those who called from overseas, and of course my family and friends who celebrated it with me, especially my mom.


Friday, August 7, 2009


In the mood of drinking chinese tea

Just came back from Penang today. I'm going to Langkawi tomorrow. More pictures later.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


In the mood of drinking green tea

I'm finally home yesterday. After a not so pleasant trip on the way. Anyway, its nice to be home. I was too tired to blog last night. Well talking about the unpleasant trip I had, when I was dozing off the whole bus shook like crazy and the driver immediately stopped beside the road. Knowing that there's something wrong with the bus, I was like WTF?!?! These stupid buses are giving me bullshit again?? I just had enough of bus breakdowns. I've experienced air-cond. malfunction, engine problems and stuffs. We were asked to get off the bus for them to fix it and I found out that 2 tires were blown, and 1 of them was seriously damaged. What if this happens on the hilly roads near Ipoh?? I dare not imagine. They had to fix new tires onto the rim on the spot and the whole thing took us 2.5 hours before journey continues. Buses in Malaysia are lousy, in terms of service, cleanliness and safety. People's life are at stake!! Hello, IDIOTS!! They simply do not do their routine maintenance on the buses, only to fix them when they break down in the middle of nowhere. Cockroaches could be found on most of the buses. Many of the bus drivers drive recklessly and dangerously. And yet bus operators are asking for an increase in the fare. Even traveling by air is cheaper nowadays. I'm taking a plane next time. In fact I fly back from KL most of the time. Buses here are hopeless.

The bus

Getting the spare tire

Tire changing in action

My shoes :)

To the bus company

It's raining back home. It rained for the whole day.

Friday, July 31, 2009

HOME, here I come

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Mid-terms exam ends means that I'm going on a 1 week break. YAYS!!! I wanted to go home so much and I need to make sure that I'm able to cancel some items from the list in the previous post. I'm still sick so I'd better get some good rest back home, the most comfortable place for me. The A(H1N1) flu is so serious in Malacca these days. Btw, I'll be taking the 9.30pm bus back home and will be reaching the place I grew up in at around 6am tomorrow. I'm so excited to sleep in my own bed. Haha. Mom is waiting anxiously for me to get home too (p/s: good chance to ask for a wallet reload) ^^, so does everyone in the family. I missed grandma's cooking too..



It's a Venturi Tube

I had a lab session this afternoon and everything went on bump-less. The experiment was pretty easy and we managed to wrap it up an hour earlier and I could get back early to pack my stuffs. Sweet~ Aight, need to go grab dinner and catch the bus. It will be a very cold ride tonight. Sweater, checked; hoodie jacket, checked. Can't afford to catch a cold again. Next post from: Home

Exam ends

In the mood of drinking black tea

Mid-terms are over and I screwed my last paper today. Arrgh.. Never mind that as I'm starting my 1 week holiday this Saturday but I can only go back home tomorrow night because there is a lab session I need to attend tomorrow afternoon. There is so much to be done during this holiday and I hope I can get everything done by then.

To-Do list:

1. Tidy up the mess of files in my laptop
2. Prepare slide show for presentation
3. Visit my friends in Langkawi
4. Help mom with chores
5. Redesign my blog
6. Get my own domain
7. Take more pictures with my new TLR camera
8. Go to Penang
9. Sell my iPod
10. Get an iPhone (Not very likely to happen)

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

iPhone 3GS

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Yays!! The new iPhone is coming out this Friday. But I still don't have enough money to buy it yet :( I need to sell my current iPod Touch 2G 16GB, top up quite an amount to get the new baby I craved for. It's more convenient to carry only an iPhone rather than a phone and an iPod. Plus I want to stay connected to the internet when I don't have wifi around. Going online with an iPhone/iPod touch is the best online experience on a mobile device. With an iPhone, I can check mails and update my twitter without having to search for wifi here and there (Holding the device up high and moving around to get the signal). Looks stupid indeed. Haha. I want an iPhone!!! I will definitely get one

Mailer from Apple


In the mood of drinking green tea

Maths test just ended. It was tormenting preparing for it. But I'm glad it ended and I managed to answer most of it. Still have another one to go on Thursday before my mid-term break starts. Yays (to the mid-term break). Need to start studying as soon as possible.

I did not answer that way

Monday, July 27, 2009


In the mood of drinking chrysanthemum tea

Mid-term tests are here and I'm so busy. Good thing is, I'll have all the mid-terms before the mid-term break, which means I can fool around during the whole 1 week holiday. Bad news, I still have a lot to study. Die die die!!!

=.= maths maths maths

The mess on my table. I think I should get another table. 1 for studying, 1 for my laptop.

A drink to refresh my clogged mind in the hot afternoon.

Dear Mid-term tests:



Friday, July 24, 2009

Prepare to shoot!!

In the mood of drinking chinese tea

Went to the photo lab nearby looking for slide film today but too bad I can't find 'em. Cross processed slide films are so cool. The shopkeeper told me that its hard to get slide film in Malacca. I will try in KL or might get them through the internet. I need them before going to Langkawi next 2 weeks. Anyway, I got a roll of normal negatives instead for test shoots before moving to the more pricey slides. My cam is now loaded and ready for shooting. I find loading films a little bit challenging as I've never touched an analogue camera for quite some time. Anyway, I managed to get it done in a while. I'm now waiting for my 1st set of photos to come out. Let's wait ^^

Some sample cross processed slide film shots