Sunday, August 26, 2007


In the mood of drinking black tea

I seriously need to work hard. Why can't I just settle down and study?? Trials are next week and finals are just around the corner and yet I'm still so unprepared. The only thing I'm prepared is to get bad grades or even fail my trials. But I will try my best to not let the same thing happen to my finals. For the trials, I can just try to study as much as I could and pray hard to see any God will help... Haha.

Grow your own beans if you want coffee. The same theory goes.

Happy BDay Vivien!!

In the mood of drinking white tea

Zebra crossing

So G-A-Y


Saturday, August 25, 2007

A gift of heart, friendship and love

In the mood of drinking green tea

Nice gift from Hoong. Thx alot. I like it very much. (ITS HANDMADE!!)

New skin for my iPod. Its wearing leather. haha

Monday, August 20, 2007

Will it just work??

In the mood of drinking black tea

My stupid laptop broke again. Arrgh. I'm fed up. They took 5 weeks to repair it and it lasted for a mere 3 WEEKS!!! Damn stupid. Don't get a Toshiba coz the service sucks in Malaysia as those laptops are serviced by another company, which means claims of parts are made from Toshiba Singapore, and which takes a hell longer time!!! I think I'm having a computer crisis this year..
Now I'm 'laptopless' again.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!

In the mood of drinking chrysanthemum tea

A happy bday with friends, family and wishes. Where's my present?? haha

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eat, eat, eat....

In the mood of drinking chinese tea

Jogoya is the place for me to satisfy my hunger for fine Japanese cuisine where I can eat all I want.
Some pics to make ur saliva drippin.. haha

Results out!!

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

AS results were out on Thursday. Everyone was so nervous and started flooding the office to get their slips. As for me, I went for lunch, took my own sweet time and only came back for mine. I was like : Dont get a C as I aint wanna retake any subject. On my way to the office, i saw someone crying, some very happy and some looked sad. When i got my slip, cautiously opened it and i was relieved. NO C!! 2As and 2Bs. Quite satisfied then. And i got A for GP, which many ppl failed. hee hee (evil laugh).

S.H.E. is coming to town~~~ My fren got extra tickets so i went. Quite alot of ppl but luckily the place is large enough so there's plenty of room to move about. They sang 2 songs and started the autograph session. I waited for my fren to got his album signed and left..

Some pics of S.H.E. (kinda blur) :