Saturday, June 30, 2007


In the mood of drinking green tea
The most anticipated movie of the year:

Nicely done. Good Job!! Worth waiting since last year. Everyone should watch this piece.

Monday, June 18, 2007


In the mood of drinking tea-bags, earl grey tea

Just a brief post before going back to KL. Happy moments at home passes so quickly. It's time to say goodbye to Home Sweet Home again. I felt, more unless, the feeling of those leaving home to other places. I understood why they cried. Haha. But I'll have that feeling everytime when I'm going back to KL. I guess I'm just too spoiled at home. I miss everything here, even my bunch of house keys that will open the doors of my warm home. I'll be ok after a few days. I'm still adjusting to the laptop-less life now and I find it HARD!! I'm just a person who can't live without my com. Hope that it'll come back to me soon. After going back there, NO INTERNET, NO COMPUTER. What kinda life will I be leading?? : ( By the way, Hoong got new pups. They're cute. Alot cuter than her nasty bulldog (named Bobo) at her house. Haha. I'd better go get ready or else I'll miss my bus again. Bye HOME....See ya next month.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bobo Keng

This is my 2nd post for someone leaving. Another friend left today. He was one of my very old old friend. He went to Australia to further his studies so a few friends and me went to the Penang airport to send him off. Before his flight, we went for dinner at Sakae Sushi together, enjoyed it. After that, we went to the airport. After checking in, we sat down together, chatting and taking pics while waiting for him to board the plane. Suddenly, the 'cry virus' came. Keng started crying and the 'virus' spreaded to some other girls. This is usual matter at these kinda scenarios. Haha.. I've been seeing this when Win-ni left. I'm still immune to this cry thingy though I'll also feel sad that Keng is leaving and I won't be seeing him for quite some time. Anyway, I wish him a bon voyage and good luck in everything in the future. We will miss you over here. Remember to come back and visit us during holidays. Take care and smile :) Thinking of friends and my loved ones one by one leaving to another country makes me sad, coz all my dearest people are going overseas. Viv will be going to Russia this August. Well girls, save your tears for that. I'm sure you guys will need a lot of them on that day. Later..

Crayon Shin Chan

Nice toilet

View from open concept toilet


Friday, June 15, 2007

Bye Bye Exams!!!

Phew... Damn exams finally over. Well there's still a final one but at least I can have a rest for now. I'm so 'nothing to do' now. Still remember that I was so tensed with the exam for almost a month. But, there's also a sad news. My toshie-lappie broke again. For those who didnt know, I spilled maggi tomyam on it 9 months ago (okok i know its my bad), and it was still working until the 12th of june, which is the day it died (April 2006 - June 2007). It survived for more than a year. HAHA. Hope that the people will not notice tomyam inside it n fix it for me for free.. But chances are slim so I've already started to do research on laptops to get a good deal. I think I gotto get used to the 'laptop-less' life for at least one month until PC Fair in August. Pity little me. Well, maybe I can study better without a laptop. Wahahahaha... Tired. Good night. ZzZZzZZzzzZzZzzZz

Saturday, June 9, 2007



Thursday, June 7, 2007

I wish....

I wish I could be more hardworking...
I wish I have a target in life...
I wish I will not lose my temper so easily...
I wish to be a happier person...
I wish I could laugh more...
I wish I will have more to experience...
I wish to have more friends...
I wish my friends and family are happy n healthy...
I wish I could be a little richer...
I wish I could give more...
I wish I can be a better person...
I wish...
I wish that all my wishes will come true...
...and I will try my very best to make my wishes a reality...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

34th MD LEO Forum 2007

Back from LEO Forum finally. Damn tiring. Well the forum sucks alot this year. Worse than the past 2 years. Our hotels were downgraded from 5 star to 4 star while Leos from other regions gets a 5 star hotel. Program is so so. Food is bad and queuing for food is a disaster. Tables seemed insufficient coz everytime we cant find a place to sit. Fellowship is boring. Banquet night gives people a cheap feeling. The place is small and cram, looks lousy. Just got to meet a few new friends, the least in fact in these 3 years. After forum, we stayed for another day with our friends. Went shopping and eat all day long. Spent all my money but its worth spending. It was so long since i ate penang food. The best food. Forum sucks, Penang trip with frens was fun and unforgettable.

~Sakae Sushi~

My fav


Hands off my fries!!

Bz eating. Do not disturb


Cheers buddies~~

My dinner


g Hotel

Wee~ I'm a flag post

What a pose

Me, George

Yen Shear, Me


Me, Zi Qin

Jasmine, Me

Smile pals :P

Sam n me

Me, Wahko

Ah Seng ko

Scott with his award

With cute keat hwa leos

Him keat n me

My cup of banana tea...

50 cents KOMTAR

This is the food we got during fellowship!!!

Fellowship venue

teko, ming xian

With ming xian n george

I will follow u..

trishaw ah peks waiting for passengers