Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New store in campus

In the mood of drinking green tea

Today is the grand opening (not so grand I think) of the APPLE AUTHORIZED CAMPUS STORE in my school. Yays!!! Not bad yeah. I was indeed surprised. I did see a shelf for iPods but didn't expect it to be an Apple store as the sign board doesn't show any sign of apples and I thought it was just another computer shop selling iPods. The shop was quite nice. And the most inportant thing is, the have all the Macs on display, consisting of the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and I feasted myself there. They even have a few iPhones in the shelf. But there's only the iPod shuffle and nano for people to play with. No sign of touch and classic. Maybe its still new and the stocks are not ready yet. They sell accessories such as cases and bags too. There are also HP laptops. Well having an apple store in campus is so cool and I can get apple stuffs easily. And that will be one of my favourite places in school. BUT BUT.. it will make me spend more by tempting me to go inside and get something. Sigh.. For now, I'm so deeply in love with the MacBook.

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