Sunday, December 21, 2008

JB for the weekend

In the mood of drinking green tea

JB - Day 1 (19 Dec 2008)
Left for JB at 9am and reached there at 12 noon. Waited for 45 mins for my cousin to come pick me from the bus station coz he has something to do. We went for lunch and then straight to his office as he has something to do. I was tired that I slept there as I slept late the day before. After that we went to a massage centre. I was asked to to change into a pair of shorts. Then a middle aged aunty came to start the massage. She started from my neck and then down to my shoulders and back. She then slipped my shorts and underwear down exposing half of my ass. WTF. And my butt was molested by a middle aged woman. =.= But it's clean mind you. Then she mounted me so that she could exert more pressure. It was so awkward. After that she kneeled on me and used her knees to massage. I was so worried that I would hear something break and found out that it's my bone. Haha. It all ended in an hour and I was more tensed than relaxed. But after that massage, my neck and shoulder loosened up a little. Haha. Went straight to the bistro with my cousin and his friend, Eddy, after the massage. Stayed there for 4 hours. After having dim sum for dinner, went to a Cabana to celebrate my cousin's friend's bday and I was damn bored. The club was lousy and I didn't know any of his friends. After reaching home at 2am, I went to bathe straight away as my body stinks with the smell of cigarette. Juiced up all my portables and went to sleep.

My back looks like its having some kinda skin disease after the '拔罐' session

JB - Day 2 (20 Dec 2008)
Woke up kinda early at 9am but continued to sleep until 1030am. My cousin was making breakfast - Sphagetti Goreng. His own recipe. Its easy to prepare and tasted good. I'm gonna try making it my own next time ^^. I continued with my work I brought along after eating. At 2pm, we went out to fetch my cousin's girlfriend, a nice taiwanese lady and he brought me for lunch. Came back home and continued with my work again. There's so much to do. After a nap from 4-6pm, we left home for dinner. We had ikan bakar. It was good. Went back home after dinner and continued working until 230am and I called it a day.

JB - Day 3 (21 Dec 2008)
Woke up at 11am as a result of sleeping late. I bathed and got ready to leave. 3 of us went for lunch. It was a normal meal but the food is good as well. My cousin is good in food hunting and I won't ever get hungry while with him. After lunch we headed to Jusco Tebrau to kill some time as its too early to go to the station for my 3.30pm bus. It was not bad but not very interesting. At least better than the Jusco in Malacca. Wait till the new Jusco in Malacca is completed then we'll see. We left for the bus station early and I waited for a while there before boarding the bus. I slept throughout the journey and reached home safely by 7pm.

Well there isn't nothing much in JB except for food. Its just to visit my cousin actually. Haha. Plus, I got some pocket money from him. I didn't wanted to accept it but he insisted. So I complied. Haha..


Earl Grey said...

wah, need to flash ur butt for massage...must b very geli~~~ hehe... got pocket money some more,so good worr...

teapot said...

flash half only.. haha
i was so uncomfortable.

kiki said...

'拔罐' is cool!!