Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new love

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

This blog is again dead for a month. Life was so busy since the starting of this semester and I'm too busy (lazy) to blog. I was badly sick last week due to prolonged period of lacking sleep I guess. And now I have learned to take care of myself better. I'd like to thank those who were by my side when I was sick, especially my mom who came all the way as she was worried that I might get dengue. Besides being sick, there is something that I'm happy with. My new lappie that I've been waiting for a month for that stupid shop to deliver and I ended up buying from another store with a better deal. Still in the midst of getting used to a Mac but eventually I'm getting accustomed to it now, after being a Windows user for more than a decade. It's time for a change. However, I still miss the 'START' button. Haha..

And there was this book fair near my sister's house when I dropped by on the way back to my hometown so my mom and I decided to give it a look. There were so many books and it was total madness. Books were selling at a low price. People were searching all over for the books. I wished I had more time there to explore. We spent 2 hours there and I managed to get 4 books. It's high time I started reading and cut down all those junk activities. I'll bring a book with me whenever I go somewhere now so that I could read it when I have free time. I bought a book about vodka cocktails, and with my bottle of vodka I asked my friend to buy for me, I'm gonna start mixing things up, hopefully it tastes OK. Who wants the 1st try??

There are 4 tests waiting for me right after my holiday
s and I didn't even started studying yet. Had to start soon or else I would have just pray for miracle to happen.