Monday, December 29, 2008

xmas weekend

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

24th Dec 2008
Went out with the chicks and hanged out at Laundry Bar. However I was terribly late because I had to search for a parking space at the car park. As I was driving my sister's car, I thought it's better not to park at the non-designated parking space. So I continued searching, still hoping to find a spot. But turned out that after many rounds and rounds I made, all the illegal parkable spaces were filled up as well. My fault for not parking there at the first place. After 45mins I finally found a space next to the entrance where I could park the car. But still, it's illegal. If I'd continue searching, I think I might as well go home and watch tv. I hurried to the meeting place after parking the car. My friends already finished their entree when I reached. And when I wanted to order, the waiter said: "I'm sorry sir, all the food is sold out". I was like WTF??! It's just 9pm. Since there is no more food, my friends offered me theirs because they can't finish. And I swallowed the desserts which is my favourite bread butter. By that time I was already full. I ordered a drink, sat for a while, took some pictures and left Laundry to have a walk at the flea market. It was packed, but there ain't any Xmas mood so we decided to go to another place. When I tried to get my car, I couldn't find it. So I borrowed my friend's car and drove around the car park to find my car like a crazy person. I was in a hurry that I didn't really looked at the pillar number when I parked. After half an hour, I found it. I was so happy as I was worried that it might get stolen. If that really happens, then I'm so dead. We left to another place and had the countdown there. We left the place 1.5 hours later.

25 Dec 2008 Xmas
Woke up at almost noon and had lunch at home. My sis suggested that we go out to grab some snacks at 4pm when she saw the chips I was eating while watching tv is finishing. So we decided to visit the new Giant at Kota Damansara. My aunt and uncle followed as well. Reached there in a while. It's kinda big. I was lucky to get a parking somewhere near to the entrance. Why I'm not that lucky on Xmas eve? Haha. Upon entering the entrance, I saw the new Honda City on display there. It is soooo nice. I'd be so happy if mummy were to buy it for me. LOL. We headed to the hypermarket straight after a quick peek at the City. I suggested that I make fried spaghetti and we bought pasta. My elder sis then called and said that she'll be coming over with her family and my 2nd sis suggested that we throw a small Xmas party at home. We then hurried to grab all the necessary stuffs as there will be about 10 person eating. It was so crazy to have an unplanned party. But it was fun. We went straight home to start preparing after buying the stuffs. With so many people helping, we managed to prepare spaghetti, fresh garden salad and grilled chicken wings (they were pre-marinated when we bought them as we have limited time) in an hour. Dinner was great, and went well with red wine. Everyone left at 11pm after cleaning up. We were tired but satisfied.

26 Dec 2008
Woke up at 8am to fetch my sis to the train station coz she left her car for me. So sweet.. But then she said her bf will fetch her to work and I went back to sleep. Woke up at 11am and prepared to go out and meet Jason. I didn't meet him for quite some time. On the way I called my other cousin who's living nearby Jason's place to have lunch with him. He had friends around so he couldn't leave. I arrived at Jason's house in half an hour. Luckily I still remember how to get to Subang. I had lunch at that area before going to Sunway Pyramid. Parking space, as usual is hard to get but I managed to find a place. This time I snapped the pillar number with my phone. Haha lesson learned. It's good to shop over there. I bought a Renoma T for RM 34, a pack of Renoma limited edition underwear and my cleanser. Everything cost me about 100 bucks. Satisfied with what I got, we left at 4.30pm as I need to pick my sis from the Kelana Jaya station at 6pm and I was worried that there might be a jam. As I was exiting the car park, my cousin in Subang called and said his mom asked me to go to his house. So after dropping Jason, I went to my cousin's house as its just behind Jason's house. I went into the house and greeted my aunt. While I was walking into the dining area, suddenly someone sprung out. I was shocked a lil. But after knowing that it's Win-ni (my another cousin who was in London for 1.5 years), I screamed in surprise and happiness, and we hugged each other. I was chatting with her on live messenger the night before and she was still in London. The next thing I know she was in front of me. They laughed at my reaction. Haha. I stayed for a while and left to fetch my sis. At night, Win-ni came to surprise my eldest uncle and her family. Everyone was surprised to see her as she planned to come back at June next year initially.

27th Dec
Went to fetch Win-ni to my sis's house at noon. Then later in the afternoon, my eldest sis came over with her family again with my mom who was also in town for business trip. And the surprise thingy goes on again. At night, I went out with Win-ni to surprise a friend of us after sending my mom to the bus station. The plan failed due to some circumstances. And we were late because of the jam in KL. Had supper and went home.

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