Sunday, July 27, 2008

Relife my blog

In the mood of drinking green tea

After visiting my page, then only I realised that my blog has been dead for 2 months. What a period. That's the longest pause I suppose. But teapot-blog aint dead yet, just hibernating. I have limited internet access back there so I dun have the time to blog. I'm kinda adapting to uni life now, though the first few weeks were kinda tough. One look at my almost full planner, I find myself loaded with so many things. On the other hand, I can also say that I'm fully occupied and there's little time for me to feel the bore. Another week to go and I will have my holidays. However, there are couples of test waiting for me before I can break free for a week. Btw, I recieved gifts from my cousin in London. Thx alot and I love them alot. That's all for this post. Gonna get some sleep. Toodles.