Wednesday, December 31, 2008

replaying 2008 ; previewing 2009

In the mood of drinking green tea

<<Rewind to 1st Jan 2008; Play>

A year has just passed, and this year seemed to be a pretty fast one. As I finished my pre-U at the end of 2007, and was waiting for the intake in June, I worked from January till May in a kindergarten. Working in a place full of kids is sorta tiring, but fun as well. And throughout my days there, I somehow made the kids like me (Not boasting). They asked their teacher why I was not there after I left for studies. Haha.. I do visit them when I get back home so that they will not forget me. Hehee.. Not to forget mentioning that I took 2 weeks off my usual routine and went to China to visit my aunt there. She lives in a village which was quite 'ulu'. I couldn't get used to it but somehow it was a good experience. It was soo cold over there because the snow storm that happened early this year was about to begin and I was lucky not to be trapped by the storm and spending my Chinese New Year in China. I'll lose all my 'angpaus'. Living in a village in such weather where you don't have proper facilities is tough. That's how I spent my 1st half of the year, doing the same thing everyday, living slumberly in my comfort zone. The happy days at home went through so quickly, that I barely noticed.

And it was time to leave home again for studies. What's worse is this time I'll be going further from home than KL to Malacca where I don't have friends and relatives there. Unlike in KL, where I had alot of places to go, and lotsa peepz to hang out with, be it my buddies or cousins. I suddenly felt that I missed KL so much after being here. And I was complaining about KL when I was there last time. Ironic huh?? Like it or not, the fact is I'm already here. What makes things worse is when I found out that one of my good friend that came here with me is withdrawing as he got an offer from a local uni. I was so doomed for like a few weeks. Moody and lonely I was, in a place that I'm not even familiar with. It took me months, to recover from all this crap. I don't have a close friend here, I don't like the place as well. There are so few places that I can go when I'm bored, unlike in KL. Not to mention that I don't even have a transport to ferry my lazy ass around. So I'm walking everyday, and didn't notice that I got slimmer. I wanted a car so badly!! By the way, thanks to those who provided me support. There are too many names to name. By now, after half a year, I'm used to this place, and I got a couple of friends. That makes my life better. Another 3.5 years to spend here, so I'd better live the fullest outta it.

Reached 31st Dec 2008

Previewing 2009

Well, hopefully it will be a great year ahead, despite the current financial crisis hitting the rest of the world by next year. A new year, a new ME, a better ME. My 2009 resolution would be
  1. Drink more water - I've been drinking very less water all this while and it's not good for health.
  2. Sleep earlier - Hopefully I could sleep at 12am or 1am the latest. Have been sleeping at 2 or 3am these days.
  3. Be more humble
  4. Make more friends - I seriously need to meet more people.
  5. Try not to spend too much ( But this is unlikely to happen as I cannot stand it when I see something I like, and I am eyeing on the new macbook now )
  6. Study harder (tsk tsk)
  7. Be a happier person
  8. Spend more time with my family
So I think that's all. Afterall I might not be able to follow all of those above, so no point of having too many. Lol.

Stay tuned for 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

xmas weekend

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

24th Dec 2008
Went out with the chicks and hanged out at Laundry Bar. However I was terribly late because I had to search for a parking space at the car park. As I was driving my sister's car, I thought it's better not to park at the non-designated parking space. So I continued searching, still hoping to find a spot. But turned out that after many rounds and rounds I made, all the illegal parkable spaces were filled up as well. My fault for not parking there at the first place. After 45mins I finally found a space next to the entrance where I could park the car. But still, it's illegal. If I'd continue searching, I think I might as well go home and watch tv. I hurried to the meeting place after parking the car. My friends already finished their entree when I reached. And when I wanted to order, the waiter said: "I'm sorry sir, all the food is sold out". I was like WTF??! It's just 9pm. Since there is no more food, my friends offered me theirs because they can't finish. And I swallowed the desserts which is my favourite bread butter. By that time I was already full. I ordered a drink, sat for a while, took some pictures and left Laundry to have a walk at the flea market. It was packed, but there ain't any Xmas mood so we decided to go to another place. When I tried to get my car, I couldn't find it. So I borrowed my friend's car and drove around the car park to find my car like a crazy person. I was in a hurry that I didn't really looked at the pillar number when I parked. After half an hour, I found it. I was so happy as I was worried that it might get stolen. If that really happens, then I'm so dead. We left to another place and had the countdown there. We left the place 1.5 hours later.

25 Dec 2008 Xmas
Woke up at almost noon and had lunch at home. My sis suggested that we go out to grab some snacks at 4pm when she saw the chips I was eating while watching tv is finishing. So we decided to visit the new Giant at Kota Damansara. My aunt and uncle followed as well. Reached there in a while. It's kinda big. I was lucky to get a parking somewhere near to the entrance. Why I'm not that lucky on Xmas eve? Haha. Upon entering the entrance, I saw the new Honda City on display there. It is soooo nice. I'd be so happy if mummy were to buy it for me. LOL. We headed to the hypermarket straight after a quick peek at the City. I suggested that I make fried spaghetti and we bought pasta. My elder sis then called and said that she'll be coming over with her family and my 2nd sis suggested that we throw a small Xmas party at home. We then hurried to grab all the necessary stuffs as there will be about 10 person eating. It was so crazy to have an unplanned party. But it was fun. We went straight home to start preparing after buying the stuffs. With so many people helping, we managed to prepare spaghetti, fresh garden salad and grilled chicken wings (they were pre-marinated when we bought them as we have limited time) in an hour. Dinner was great, and went well with red wine. Everyone left at 11pm after cleaning up. We were tired but satisfied.

26 Dec 2008
Woke up at 8am to fetch my sis to the train station coz she left her car for me. So sweet.. But then she said her bf will fetch her to work and I went back to sleep. Woke up at 11am and prepared to go out and meet Jason. I didn't meet him for quite some time. On the way I called my other cousin who's living nearby Jason's place to have lunch with him. He had friends around so he couldn't leave. I arrived at Jason's house in half an hour. Luckily I still remember how to get to Subang. I had lunch at that area before going to Sunway Pyramid. Parking space, as usual is hard to get but I managed to find a place. This time I snapped the pillar number with my phone. Haha lesson learned. It's good to shop over there. I bought a Renoma T for RM 34, a pack of Renoma limited edition underwear and my cleanser. Everything cost me about 100 bucks. Satisfied with what I got, we left at 4.30pm as I need to pick my sis from the Kelana Jaya station at 6pm and I was worried that there might be a jam. As I was exiting the car park, my cousin in Subang called and said his mom asked me to go to his house. So after dropping Jason, I went to my cousin's house as its just behind Jason's house. I went into the house and greeted my aunt. While I was walking into the dining area, suddenly someone sprung out. I was shocked a lil. But after knowing that it's Win-ni (my another cousin who was in London for 1.5 years), I screamed in surprise and happiness, and we hugged each other. I was chatting with her on live messenger the night before and she was still in London. The next thing I know she was in front of me. They laughed at my reaction. Haha. I stayed for a while and left to fetch my sis. At night, Win-ni came to surprise my eldest uncle and her family. Everyone was surprised to see her as she planned to come back at June next year initially.

27th Dec
Went to fetch Win-ni to my sis's house at noon. Then later in the afternoon, my eldest sis came over with her family again with my mom who was also in town for business trip. And the surprise thingy goes on again. At night, I went out with Win-ni to surprise a friend of us after sending my mom to the bus station. The plan failed due to some circumstances. And we were late because of the jam in KL. Had supper and went home.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

JB for the weekend

In the mood of drinking green tea

JB - Day 1 (19 Dec 2008)
Left for JB at 9am and reached there at 12 noon. Waited for 45 mins for my cousin to come pick me from the bus station coz he has something to do. We went for lunch and then straight to his office as he has something to do. I was tired that I slept there as I slept late the day before. After that we went to a massage centre. I was asked to to change into a pair of shorts. Then a middle aged aunty came to start the massage. She started from my neck and then down to my shoulders and back. She then slipped my shorts and underwear down exposing half of my ass. WTF. And my butt was molested by a middle aged woman. =.= But it's clean mind you. Then she mounted me so that she could exert more pressure. It was so awkward. After that she kneeled on me and used her knees to massage. I was so worried that I would hear something break and found out that it's my bone. Haha. It all ended in an hour and I was more tensed than relaxed. But after that massage, my neck and shoulder loosened up a little. Haha. Went straight to the bistro with my cousin and his friend, Eddy, after the massage. Stayed there for 4 hours. After having dim sum for dinner, went to a Cabana to celebrate my cousin's friend's bday and I was damn bored. The club was lousy and I didn't know any of his friends. After reaching home at 2am, I went to bathe straight away as my body stinks with the smell of cigarette. Juiced up all my portables and went to sleep.

My back looks like its having some kinda skin disease after the '拔罐' session

JB - Day 2 (20 Dec 2008)
Woke up kinda early at 9am but continued to sleep until 1030am. My cousin was making breakfast - Sphagetti Goreng. His own recipe. Its easy to prepare and tasted good. I'm gonna try making it my own next time ^^. I continued with my work I brought along after eating. At 2pm, we went out to fetch my cousin's girlfriend, a nice taiwanese lady and he brought me for lunch. Came back home and continued with my work again. There's so much to do. After a nap from 4-6pm, we left home for dinner. We had ikan bakar. It was good. Went back home after dinner and continued working until 230am and I called it a day.

JB - Day 3 (21 Dec 2008)
Woke up at 11am as a result of sleeping late. I bathed and got ready to leave. 3 of us went for lunch. It was a normal meal but the food is good as well. My cousin is good in food hunting and I won't ever get hungry while with him. After lunch we headed to Jusco Tebrau to kill some time as its too early to go to the station for my 3.30pm bus. It was not bad but not very interesting. At least better than the Jusco in Malacca. Wait till the new Jusco in Malacca is completed then we'll see. We left for the bus station early and I waited for a while there before boarding the bus. I slept throughout the journey and reached home safely by 7pm.

Well there isn't nothing much in JB except for food. Its just to visit my cousin actually. Haha. Plus, I got some pocket money from him. I didn't wanted to accept it but he insisted. So I complied. Haha..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New store in campus

In the mood of drinking green tea

Today is the grand opening (not so grand I think) of the APPLE AUTHORIZED CAMPUS STORE in my school. Yays!!! Not bad yeah. I was indeed surprised. I did see a shelf for iPods but didn't expect it to be an Apple store as the sign board doesn't show any sign of apples and I thought it was just another computer shop selling iPods. The shop was quite nice. And the most inportant thing is, the have all the Macs on display, consisting of the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and I feasted myself there. They even have a few iPhones in the shelf. But there's only the iPod shuffle and nano for people to play with. No sign of touch and classic. Maybe its still new and the stocks are not ready yet. They sell accessories such as cases and bags too. There are also HP laptops. Well having an apple store in campus is so cool and I can get apple stuffs easily. And that will be one of my favourite places in school. BUT BUT.. it will make me spend more by tempting me to go inside and get something. Sigh.. For now, I'm so deeply in love with the MacBook.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15 Dec 2008 - Drama

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Yesterday was very tiring, but it was a happy day. I went to class from 9am till 7pm. And the happy thing was our drama presentation in the afternoon. We were the 1st group to present and everyone was so nervous as we barely had enough time so set up everything. Everyone in the group tried their very best during the drama. Although its was a bit of a chaos, but everything was handled. After the drama, the crowd cheered and we were all so relieved that our hard work pays off. Our lecturer gave good comments on our drama, and good comments come with full marks. Haha. We were the best group that day. I would like to thank all my group members for all the contributions they have made. Without all of you, this wouldn't be a success. My friends and I left the class at 6pm as the pretty-boy lecturer can't teach and we don't wanna waste our time there. Went for dinner and back home. We headed to the library at 8pm after some rest and continued with our drawings so that we could study for the upcoming test on Thursday. 2 more drawings to go. Came back home at 12am and watched my newly downloaded movie till 3.30am before calling a day off.

*video of the drama will be up soon*

Tensile testing of materials

Broken dog-bone test pieces

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


6th Dec 2008
Went to Penang to visit my aunt and her family with my parents, especially the little ones. They are sooo cute. Visited Gurney plaza and checked out the new wing. It's small and nothing much. Bought 3 cute toothbrush holders there. Had dinner at my aunt's house and went to Queensbay Mall with my mom to get her shoes. I got a pair for myself too, courtesy of my mom. Hehe. Before leaving, managed to get a look of Linda Chung, the pretty Hong Kong star. Went to Haagen Daaz and bought a pint of my favourite Macadamia Nut ice cream back.

IMG_5889 Cute

07122008370 My new shoes

06122008368 I left my camera at home. Too bad

08122008372 Yumm~


7th Dec 2008
Grandma cooked laksa for me. It was so good. At night, went out for tomyam with some friends before watching Transporter 3 at the new cinema. It's good. As usual, it showcases the Audi well.



8th Dec 2008
Woke up in the morning to fetch my grandma to the market. After that went for breakfast with another friend. Was supposed to have my hair cut at 1.30pm and that bloody feller didn't even opened his shop when I reached. Called him and he said he was on his way. Waited for 20 mins and he still didn't show up. I left and decided not to visit his shop again. After that, I went to electrical shops with my mom coz she wants to get a new fridge. Sent my mom home and went to another shop for haircut. It took 2.5 hours as there were many people. There goes my last few hours at home before leaving to Malacca.


9th Dec 2008
Reached Malacca at 0630 in the morning and feeling tired as usual as I couldn’t sleep well in the bus. The bus was freaking fast that I cannot sleep with peace. Continued sleeping after reaching my house until 11am. Woke up and went for lunch at 12pm with some friends. After class at 2pm, my sis called and asked me out for lunch as she was passing by Malacca from JB on the way back to KL. She intended to call for fun as she thought I was still in hometown. Wahahha.. So since she called, then she gotto come and bring me out for lunch. Went for chicken rice balls with my sis and her family. The best shop in town was closed so we went to another one instead. Went for a walk at Jonker and headed to Tan Kim Hock as my sis wanna do some shopping. Stuffs there are freaking expensive so I didn't buy anything. After having durian cendol, they sent me back to school for my test at 8pm. And as a result of going out instead of studying, I did badly. But its mainly due to lack of time. Nevermind. Slept at 1am because my friend came over to my house after my test.

09122008373 Durian cendol. Also expensive (RM5)

10th Dec 2008
Woke up late. And my phone got barred!!! I didn't even wanna talk about the whole incident that happened because of my barred phone. Too lazy. I called my mom once I got hold of my friend's phone and asked her to pay my bills ASAP as it's very inconvenient without a phone. I've reminded her and yet she forgot. Haha. That's her.. Rushed to school and had breakfast in 15 mins before heading to class. That's all because of my barred phone. Found out that my group's presentation is on next Monday. GREAT...zz So soon and I had so many things to do now. Well basically my timetable runs from 9am - 7pm next Monday as I have lab session in the morning + presentation in the afternoon. WTF!! After reaching home, I found out that there was no water supply. Apparently, the stupid guard turned off the mains and forgot turn 'em back on. So the tank was empty. Waited for an hour for it to refill and 'mud water' resumes. The water is so yucky and I dared not cook tomyam noodles my mom bought from Thailand for me. Ate bread with kaya instead. I love the kaya made by my grandma. Finished off the last episode of Prison Break Season 4 and wasted few hours on the internet instead of drawing the 6 drawings due next week. There will be another 4 tomorrow. So I'll need to finish off 10 drawings by next Thursday.

Friday, December 5, 2008

5 Dec 2008

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Feels so good to be home. The bus stopped frequently and I didn't sleep well. Reached home at 6.30am and went out after bathing with my mom and grandma to the market so that I can have good food to satisfy my taste buds.

I particularly love this song

by 南拳妈妈

作詞:宋健彰( 彈頭 ) 作曲:宋健彰( 彈頭 )

窗外的雨停了 天空還是灰的 因為愛情也停止了
The rain outside the window has stopped, the sky is still grey, because love has ceased
回憶在撥放著 在笑容裡停格 畫面會永遠留著 oh ~
Memories are playing, and stopped at the smiles, the picture still remains forever

給的多是付出 少給的不算輸 感情不需要勝負
Giving extra is paying out, giving less is not losing, there is no winning or losing in love
我給了你全部 你還是想結束 我祝你永遠幸福
I gave you everything, you still wanted to end this, I wish you happy forever

快樂的開始 不該悲傷的結束 付出多才會 了解什麼是幸福
A happy beginning should not end sadly, give more, then only you will understand what is happiness
快樂 ( 快樂 ) 的開始 ( 的開始 ) 祝福 ( 祝福 ) 的結束 ( 的結束 )
A happy beginning , an ending with blessings

快樂的開始不該悲傷的結束 走到了末路還是會留下祝福
A happy beginning should not end sadly, walk till the end and leave blessings
我會 牢牢記住 你給的 全部 的全部
I will, remember clearly, what you have given

窗外的雨停了 天空還是灰的 因為愛情也停止了
The rain outside the window has stopped, the sky is still grey, because love has ceased
回憶在播放著 在笑容裡停格 畫面會永遠留著
Memories are playing, and stopped at the smiles, the picture still remains forever

給多的是付出 少給的不算輸 感情不需要勝負
Giving extra is paying out, giving less is not losing, there is no winning or losing in love
我給了你全部 你還是想結束 我祝你永遠幸福
I gave you everything, you still wanted to end this, I wish you happy forever

Woo Woo ~ ~ 快樂的開始 不該悲傷的結束 付出多才會 了解什麼是幸福
A happy beginning should not end sadly, give more, then only you will understand what is happiness
快樂的開始 祝福的結束
A happy beginning , an ending with blessings
喔 ~ ~ 的結束

快樂的開始不該悲傷的結束 走到了末路還是會留下祝福
A happy beginning should not end sadly, walk till the end and leave blessings
我會 牢牢記住 你給的 全部 喔 ~ ~
I will, remember clearly, what you have given

快樂的開始 不該悲傷的結束 付出多才會 了解什麼是幸福
A happy beginning should not end sadly, give more, then only you will understand what is happiness
快樂的開始 祝福的結束
A happy beginning , an ending with blessings

快樂的開始 不該悲傷的結束 走到了末路 還是會留下祝福
A happy beginning should not end sadly, walk till the end and leave blessings
我會 牢牢記住 你給的 全部 的全部
I will, remember clearly, what you have given

slow down

In the mood of drinking green tea

Was so busy that I didn't even managed to post for the past 2 days. Rushing to meet the deadline of submission of my Engineering Graphics was so hectic. It's so tiring as well. I'm glad it's now done.

Wed, 3rd Dec
Had only 2 hours of class instead of 4. Went back home right after class at 1pm. Checked mail and read some blogs and then started to prepare for the test at night. It was a 40 MCQ test so I finished it in a while. After the test, I went to my friend's house to continue with my forever-unfinished-drawings. I had a little left where I don't know how to do it. After I did what I knew, I waited for my friends to finish theirs. We started from 10pm and ended at 2am. Went home, bathed, printed the assignment for submission and slept at 3am. Another night of sleeping late. Those drawings really made me go nuts. Feel like beating someone while drawing and my lecturer comes to mind in the 1st place for giving us so much work.


Thurs, 4th Dec
Woke up at 9.30am and missed the replacement class that I intended to go before knowing that I would sleep that late the night before. Sleeping is more important. LOL. Rushed to school without bathing and continued to finish off my drawings before class at 12pm. Had a quick lunch and rushed to class to submit my untidy work. Another 6 more drawings this week and they were much harder than the previous ones. Give us a break would ya?? However we were given 2 weeks to complete them. Thank god. Class ended an hour earlier at 3pm. I'm glad that the fast paced week has caome to an end, at least temporarily before another week begins. And my heart once again slowed down to its normal rate. Went back and prepared to go home. Yays!!! I'm going home. My friend fetched my another friend and I to the bus station at 6pm. Had my 'Move It Meal' at McD and waited till 9.30pm for my bus to leave. Thought of going online and blogging there but the stupid wifi ain't working. The bus came and I boarded. Going to say hello to my home in no time :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

02 Dec 2008

In the mood of drinking black tea

I noticed that keeping the blog updated ain't an easy task. No wonder so many bloggers were in pressure. As for me, I don't have many bloggies so I need not worry about what to write, I just don't have time. Woke up early this morning for drama practising despite sleeping late yesterday. I was so sleepy but dragged myself to the bathroom and got cleaned up. My friend then called and told me that many of the members cannot come and the thing was cancelled. I was like WTF!!! I woke up that early for nothing.

Since I was awake, I had breakfast and went to the library to work on my Engineering Graphics homework, which is technical drawing. Its complicated, hard, time and energy consuming. ARRGH!!! Its due on thursday and I still havent complete it now. While I was in the library, I tried to make my iPod work with the WPA secured wifi in the campus but failed. I went to the IT department 2 days ago and the assistant there asked me to try myself based on the website with instructions. But there are no instructions for iPods mind you. Only for Mac OS X. Durrhh...=.= I really wanna go online in school when I'm bored in the library. I will find a way to make it work!!!

After classes at 6pm, a friend of mine gave us a ride to the nearby hawker centre to buy dinner. I bought Ipoh bean sprouts chicken rice. Its ok but those in Ipoh are far better. After reaching home, the first thing I did is to turn on my laptop as it is soooo slow. It takes 20 mins to boot up to idle. WTF!!! Even playing movies and songs is choppy. It might be due to some virus or HDD problem or whatever. I don't know. I am so lazy to reformat as backing up files is so troublesome and I'm freaking busy. Maybe I'll do it this weekend. I don't have extra cash for a brand new lappie (who wanna get me the new Macbook?? Haha..) , so I must be very patient now. I must not lose my temper while waiting.

I plugged in my iPod for recharging and syncing and feasted on my meal while checking mails and stuffs (waiting most of the time). After syncing, I realised that all my applications were gone. Something's wrong with iTunes as it automatically unchecks all my applications to sync. I had to reinstall them into my Poddy and rearrange them into order of my preference. Arranging took me almost 2 hours.

After food I had sea coconut as my dessert. Had not had dessert since last 2 weeks in Marche where my cousin treated us lunch. The cakes were good. And I started reading emails after that. My assignment group member sent me an email with that part he was supposed to do so that I could compile them together. He gave me 20+ pages from wikipedia a day before expecting me to summarize it for him. And as if I'm so dumb that I don't know how to copy and paste from Wiki. I texted and asked him to redo in quite a unpleasant 'tone' as I was so fed up that day with so much to do. That was just unbearable. Today he gave me as I wanted, 1 page. But that article is from the internet and I know it because I used it in the intro. The exact one. He changed 'sports' into 'badminton' and thinks it is a different thing. He didnt even read after editing.

Example 1:
Sports has been bringing people from all over the world together since the first Olympics in Greece many years ago.
Badminton has been bringing people from all over the world together since the first Olympics in Greece many years ago.
Badminton was not in the 1st Olympics!!!!

Example 2:
If you are playing the sport by yourself
If you are playing the badminton by yourself
'THE' badminton??

In the end, I wouldnt even bother to ask him to redo, as he will still give me a piece of crap in the end and wasting my time and money to call him. So I sacrificed my study time for tomorrow's test and did it myself. It's done now. Hehe. I'm wondering how come there is such a LAZY person. Its madness. I'll never be in the same group with him EVER!!

I thought of changing my blog template but still I HAVE NO TIME!! Wait till I'm free.. I really wanna change it. Sien already.. I still have test tomorrow night and I didnt even started studying. Great!!!
Have to find time in between classes to study or else I'll sure fling it.
I failed to sleep early again tonight. I think sleeping early shall be my next year's resolution. Haha.. Nights