Wednesday, July 29, 2009

iPhone 3GS

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Yays!! The new iPhone is coming out this Friday. But I still don't have enough money to buy it yet :( I need to sell my current iPod Touch 2G 16GB, top up quite an amount to get the new baby I craved for. It's more convenient to carry only an iPhone rather than a phone and an iPod. Plus I want to stay connected to the internet when I don't have wifi around. Going online with an iPhone/iPod touch is the best online experience on a mobile device. With an iPhone, I can check mails and update my twitter without having to search for wifi here and there (Holding the device up high and moving around to get the signal). Looks stupid indeed. Haha. I want an iPhone!!! I will definitely get one

Mailer from Apple

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