Tuesday, August 18, 2009

21 with love & joy

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

I had a wonderful 21st birthday this year. Initially, I had plans to throw a big big party, but due to budget limitations, I resorted to what's available. My birthday celebration was split into a few sessions. 1st session was with my Mom's side of family which was a week before the actual date as I was on holidays in my hometown.

2nd session
Location: Malacca
Date: 13/08/2009
People: Coursemates

I still wasn't feeling that well on that day after having a sore throat on the 2nd day after getting back to Malacca. But luckily, its not the H1N1. I still managed to drag myself out to the pre-celebration with my coursemates. It was a simple and nice dinner.

I was wearing mask to prevent virus transmission. Haha

Presents I got from them. Thanks guys!!

3rd session
Location: Schokolart, Mont Kiara, Solaris
Date: 14/08/2009
People: High School Buddies

As suggested by Chin Yee, we went to this restaurant. It turns out to be bad. Food portion is small and the taste is so-so. Not worth going. Sorry guys for picking the wrong venue.


Cute little cakes

Thanks guys!!

These girls came all the way for my birthday! :)

After dinner, some of us went to a German Pub at TTDI. It's called Boathouse. It's a nice, comfy place with some good German beer. Jie had poker chips with him and everyone put on their poker faces.

My pint


aquarium bar top

4th session
Location: A Wet Thai Restaurant, Cheras
Date: 15/08/2009
People: Family (Dad's Side)

Here comes the day!! There's nothing much in the afternoon. Went window shopping with friends at 1U before going for dinner with family. As I was at home waiting for everyone to arrive before departing to the dinner place, I saw my mom walking into the house. She came from Alor Star to celebrate my birthday with me. THANKS!!!

Present from Win-ni. Love it although you said its cheap.
Thanks, you know me well.

Choc walnut cake from my sis

Dear Mom

The kids


Family shot

My sisters

5th session
Location: Delicious, Bangsar Village
Date: 16/08/2009
People: Me, Win-ni, PuiSze

I love my Earl Grey

PuiSze. Thanks for the meal.

Present from Aunty Thor

Red Packets I recieved. Going into the bank account. ^^

I had a great 21 and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who wished me thru text, on facebook, those who called from overseas, and of course my family and friends who celebrated it with me, especially my mom.


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