Friday, July 31, 2009

Exam ends

In the mood of drinking black tea

Mid-terms are over and I screwed my last paper today. Arrgh.. Never mind that as I'm starting my 1 week holiday this Saturday but I can only go back home tomorrow night because there is a lab session I need to attend tomorrow afternoon. There is so much to be done during this holiday and I hope I can get everything done by then.

To-Do list:

1. Tidy up the mess of files in my laptop
2. Prepare slide show for presentation
3. Visit my friends in Langkawi
4. Help mom with chores
5. Redesign my blog
6. Get my own domain
7. Take more pictures with my new TLR camera
8. Go to Penang
9. Sell my iPod
10. Get an iPhone (Not very likely to happen)

Stay tuned...

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