Sunday, August 2, 2009


In the mood of drinking green tea

I'm finally home yesterday. After a not so pleasant trip on the way. Anyway, its nice to be home. I was too tired to blog last night. Well talking about the unpleasant trip I had, when I was dozing off the whole bus shook like crazy and the driver immediately stopped beside the road. Knowing that there's something wrong with the bus, I was like WTF?!?! These stupid buses are giving me bullshit again?? I just had enough of bus breakdowns. I've experienced air-cond. malfunction, engine problems and stuffs. We were asked to get off the bus for them to fix it and I found out that 2 tires were blown, and 1 of them was seriously damaged. What if this happens on the hilly roads near Ipoh?? I dare not imagine. They had to fix new tires onto the rim on the spot and the whole thing took us 2.5 hours before journey continues. Buses in Malaysia are lousy, in terms of service, cleanliness and safety. People's life are at stake!! Hello, IDIOTS!! They simply do not do their routine maintenance on the buses, only to fix them when they break down in the middle of nowhere. Cockroaches could be found on most of the buses. Many of the bus drivers drive recklessly and dangerously. And yet bus operators are asking for an increase in the fare. Even traveling by air is cheaper nowadays. I'm taking a plane next time. In fact I fly back from KL most of the time. Buses here are hopeless.

The bus

Getting the spare tire

Tire changing in action

My shoes :)

To the bus company

It's raining back home. It rained for the whole day.

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