Friday, July 24, 2009

New toy - Lomo BBF

In the mood of drinking green tea

Seems like this place is dead again for almost 2 months. Apparently my effort to update it everyday failed, even though I tried hard. I was busy these days that I don't have time to blog. Just managed to tweet on twitter. Anyway, I'm kinda into Lomography these days while my cousin was playing with lomo since few years back. To start my new hobby, I need a new gear and hence, it is the Blackbird, fly (BBF) TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) camera. Thought of getting a Diana at first, but decided on BBF because of the 135mm film compatibility. The camera arrived today via courier service and once I got back from class, I immediately ripped open the package, and freed the 'bird' from its cage. Although its the plastic version of the a lot more expensive Lubitel, the built quality was quite good. Too bad I don't have slide films with me. Will get them as soon as possible as I cant wait to shoot and see the results after processing. Bear with me a lil'. I'm lomo-obsessed.

Meanwhile, there are some pics of my new toy



Internal Mechanisms

In its cage

Package contents

Photo with Polaroid effect made by Poladroid
P/S: There is the lomo feel!!!


Earl Grey said...

is tat a camera? can demo?

teapot said...

Yea its a camera. Demo?? How to demo??

Empress said...

OMG! OMG! I want the camera!
My Holga koyak after a few use. Summore so difficult to get film, load film, process film, take picture (cause my Holga didn't have flash!). Urgh!

teapot said...

Empress: How come your Holga koyak so easily?? BBF uses normal 35mm films. Easier to get and cheaper to develop. I heard from Win-Ni that 120s are expensive to develop. Its a nice cam btw.

Empress said...

Yeah it is more expensive and not everyone develops it.
Next time I get a camera, it's gonna be a DSLR or some lomo-ish 35mm. Chuan's Leica looked so pretty tho. I wantz!

teapot said...

Yea. I'm saving for a DSLR too. Costs so much. Leica is nice of course. Look at the price. WOW!! Haha

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