Thursday, January 3, 2008

a piece of cake..

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

2nd day was a lot more fun for me. I think I'm getting on track. However, I still pass the dancing and singing session at the beginning. That's so not me. Anyway, I started teaching today. By drawing hell loads of apples on the board, I think I'll be a pro apple-drawer in a little, although my apples don't look like apples. Haha.. Anyway, they're just for the kids to count, so as long as they are in shape and clear, it shall do the work. Well, there's a girl who seems to have difficulties counting numbers, and it takes me more patience to count with her one by one. I never imagined myself to be in this. It pays to see her count correctly later. A friend gave me a bottle of paper birds, a good luck charm. Thanks. And at the end of the class, there was a 'samseng' boy, who was talking non-stop, saying that he'll ask his grandpa to cane all the teachers there. We were laughing like hell. And I call it a day after that.

Wish me good luck

My cheeky and cute buddy. He's my fav

Feel like pinching him


naughty but cute


Qiu Wei said...

haha..good luck 2 u ..
i really don lik kids

teapot said...

haha... thx
haih u no 爱心 de
later if u have own kids how??

Qiu Wei said...

don marry ma no own kids lo..

teapot said...

say nia. i wait n see