Sunday, January 13, 2008

new shoes. DON'T STEAL!!!

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

I've finally got new shoes after my orange nikes were stolen buy some cheap-ass thief. Don't anyone dare to steal them again!! (plus you won't get a chance). The green nikes in my previous post is far too over my budget. So, I decided to try my luck on the pumas I saw that day. It wasn't on display in the shop, but I got lucky when I asked the sales person and she came out from the storeroom with what I wanted. What ran across my mind was: 'I'm getting u home today'. And here they are with me now. Hehe..

drum rolls...

my babies..

these shoes are plastic free!! I heart Earth.

My size if anybody wants to get me shoes.
Win-ni *ahem cough*. Haha

I'm a small french stick.. arr..but close to a bottle of wine


It's not a Wii or PS3 neither.


Qiu Wei said...

I go steal tonite !!!

teapot said...

well... it's protected by laser beams and sophisticated alarm systems. give it a try.. haha