Tuesday, June 5, 2007

34th MD LEO Forum 2007

Back from LEO Forum finally. Damn tiring. Well the forum sucks alot this year. Worse than the past 2 years. Our hotels were downgraded from 5 star to 4 star while Leos from other regions gets a 5 star hotel. Program is so so. Food is bad and queuing for food is a disaster. Tables seemed insufficient coz everytime we cant find a place to sit. Fellowship is boring. Banquet night gives people a cheap feeling. The place is small and cram, looks lousy. Just got to meet a few new friends, the least in fact in these 3 years. After forum, we stayed for another day with our friends. Went shopping and eat all day long. Spent all my money but its worth spending. It was so long since i ate penang food. The best food. Forum sucks, Penang trip with frens was fun and unforgettable.

~Sakae Sushi~

My fav


Hands off my fries!!

Bz eating. Do not disturb


Cheers buddies~~

My dinner


g Hotel

Wee~ I'm a flag post

What a pose

Me, George

Yen Shear, Me


Me, Zi Qin

Jasmine, Me

Smile pals :P

Sam n me

Me, Wahko

Ah Seng ko

Scott with his award

With cute keat hwa leos

Him keat n me

My cup of banana tea...

50 cents KOMTAR

This is the food we got during fellowship!!!

Fellowship venue

teko, ming xian

With ming xian n george

I will follow u..

trishaw ah peks waiting for passengers


Tkt said...

thank god that i didnt went, /gg
nice to listen , nice to imagine , once went considered SUX .. xD

ala... its worth cuz u get what you have paid .. as in the chicka"" .. xD

teapot said...

its just my complaint when i compare it with the past ones coz those were better and the 2005 one was really fun for me.

qiu wei said...

the food look tasty n make me hungry~

Win-Ni the Missy Cake said...

no wonder say "por-chan", now i know. Serve you right, makan all the expensive food. Very rich now meh?

cake the bangla

teapot said...

aiyo..i so long eat nasi lemak everyday, then come out with frens must eat holiao lah. if not i'll feel sorry for myself. wahhaha

ahyao said...

take off tht photo lo.....
i no image d la...
sikooi ar....
next time dunwan take siao siao photo with u d...

ahyao said...

penipu...u say u take off the photo de lo...grrr

Elin said...

Good for people to know.

Anonymous said...

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