Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm back

Bloody exams almost coming to an end. Only chemistry left, which is the subject i hate most. Like it or not, still have to sit for it. At least i can enjoy a 2 weeks break after the hectic exam schedule until my chemistry paper. Happy to be home. Happy to see my family well. Happy to be able to sleep in my bed. As usual 6 hrs of bus back home. Gotta make myself occupied for the 6 hrs. I watched a Hindi movie playing on the bus coz i wanna save my laptop battery for later. The movie is bout 3hrs (kinda long). Ate my KFC and continued watching some movies on my laptop (alot better than those Hindi films) haha. By the time my battery died, I'm almost home. Again, the familiar scenery outside the window. The feeling of home.



Hindi movie playing on a retractable LCD screen (quite hi-tech for a Malaysian bus)

Nice blue lamp

Well, i gotta start packing my stuffs for tomorrow's LEO Forum. Hope that it will be a fun one....later


cake said...

You were just lucky that they werent playing a Hindi Action movie!

You will be so confused with whether you're watching a musical movie or comedy. As they just lie down on the floor in pain, in the middle of the song....before the gun shoots.

you say sei mou?

teapot said...

Its a love story and of course there are dancing n singing scenes as usual... =.=
No gunshots to confuse me
So i consider myself lucky.