Friday, June 15, 2007

Bye Bye Exams!!!

Phew... Damn exams finally over. Well there's still a final one but at least I can have a rest for now. I'm so 'nothing to do' now. Still remember that I was so tensed with the exam for almost a month. But, there's also a sad news. My toshie-lappie broke again. For those who didnt know, I spilled maggi tomyam on it 9 months ago (okok i know its my bad), and it was still working until the 12th of june, which is the day it died (April 2006 - June 2007). It survived for more than a year. HAHA. Hope that the people will not notice tomyam inside it n fix it for me for free.. But chances are slim so I've already started to do research on laptops to get a good deal. I think I gotto get used to the 'laptop-less' life for at least one month until PC Fair in August. Pity little me. Well, maybe I can study better without a laptop. Wahahahaha... Tired. Good night. ZzZZzZZzzzZzZzzZz

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