Sunday, November 30, 2008


In the mood of drinking green tea

Woke up late this morning and was in a hell of a rush as I was almost running late for lunch with my friend. So I texted him and postponed the lunch. After lunch I went to the library in my university to meet up with some friends for the discussion of our drama presentation. It took just a short while for me and I left them to continue with their scripts as I don't have any talking to do. Hee hee.. :p

After that, I waited for a friend to come and fetch us for a movie in the nearby cinema. We were supposed to watch Bolt in the beginning but too bad the seats were all sold out and we had to resort to watching another movie Twilight, which is a story about vampire and human love story based on a best selling novel. It is about how the vampire tried to protect his girlfriend from other vampires, how much she loved her. And I almost fell asleep in the cinema because I was tired. (Many said it's good and its up to you to decide. Don't blame me if you missed it) You can say that I'm not romantic or whatsoever. But I really don't fancy watching love stories in cinemas. I've watched some other love stories that were a lot better than this and I loved them. I then returned home, cooked instant tomyam noodles from Thailand (Yummy!!!! Those from Malaysia were no where near these) and enjoyed my episode of Prison Break. I wished I had the brains of Michael Scofield. LOL

Original plan

Turned into this


Tiewmie said...

i don1 his brain..he is so handsome =p

teapot said...

imagine u have his face on u.. HAHA