Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tricky treats

In the mood of drinking chrysanthemum tea

After growing mushrooms at home since exams are over, its time for me to treat myself with something better. I had japanese buffet with a few friends. It so happened that today was the anniversary or whatever it is at the shop (what matters most is the promotion *evil smile) and ladies are entitled to a half price while guys get a free king prawn. Something funny happened while I was getting my reserved table for 4. There is a Vietnamese guy at the counter I suppose with some pronunciation problem, asking how many ladies are with us. He then asked me: '1 lady and 3 GAYS'??!! I was like shocked and at the same time feeling funny. Maybe gays can get a half price too!! Haha!! After eating, we were all full till as if our belly's ripping apart. We went shopping at Pavilion and I bought a new laptop bag before going home. By the way, I had the chance to play around with the new iPod Touch. It was Ooh la la~~. All I can say that its absolutely gorgeous. It costs more than a grand and looks like I need to start saving if i want one. But my current phone and iPod nano is still working good. Or I should wait for the iPhone to be available in Malaysia. I'm getting the iPhone i think...

sexy (its the iPod, not the guy)


Grilled salmon head

Drum rolls.......

The King Prawn


drinking from the teapot



Its hot...errr.. cold


OI!! add hot water!!

White Xmas

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qiu wei said...

growing mushrooms le then should go n work !
should nt continue wif "its time for me to treat myself with something better. "
Maybe gays can get a half price too!!
make me laugh so loud !