Friday, November 16, 2007

Hangin out

In the mood of drinking green tea

Win-ni: This is the recent miss pui sze with me at Starbucks, Pavilion.
she sent regards to you
(note her hand...its for you, haha!!!)

A gift from pui sze. (see my name?? see my name??)
Thx alot.


Win-Ni the Missy Cake said...

finally got internet at home! yesh!
action lar, got present....cheh!

I think "shun" sounds good. I always asked you to use that as your "english name", don't wai shun lar...shun sounds better. And the "anoth...ahem" lagi tak boleh.



teapot said...

haha..i was at starbucks. my internet at home belongs to my friend so i can only use it when he's not using. u also got present larr... dun be jealous. but "shun" sometimes when i say ppl like can't quite get it lah. they'll be like "harr??" I mean those ppl i jz knew la. AND I'M NOT USING THE "ANTH....AHEM". lol