Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exams Day 3

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Mathematics 4
Chemistry 5
Mathematics 3

Physics 4
Physics 5

Haha...at least maths is over, and I still got only 1.5 subjects to go...
I have a 10-days break after maths 3, so...

I like this sweater...Its from Topman. Win-ni, *ahem ahem..

Cajun chicken for dinner

I dare you to eat this

Mommy: Don't forget your vegetables!!



Win-Ni the Missy Cake said...

sei zai!
cough cough cough your head!
eat dry grass now ar!

your last exam day is on the 15th Nov kan? ahem ahem AHEM?!?!

teapot said...

eat dry grass only can save money mah.
yea, thats my last day of exam.
ahem ahem... i wont forget to send u msg. dun worry.. ahem

qiu wei said...

dat blue mee really can eat 1 arr?

teapot said...

haha..its not blue mee..
its just spaghetti