Tuesday, December 18, 2007

penang was fun

In the mood of drinking green tea

I had fun in Penang yesterday. With all my friends and all the yummy Penang food, it's the best I could have. I grew up with Penang food and of course, they are my all time favorite. We watched a movie, shop a bit (though I didn't get what i wanted YET) and had ice creams and sushi.

I love Penang char koay teow

Hokkien mee - the penang way of calling it
(some call it prawn mee)

This is the famous ais kacang

Empty plates and bowls, satisfied stomachs

'Ah Long' busy eating

Soh Chu.. Haha

I can feel the Xmas spirit

Zac Efron wannabe anyone?? Haha

which one to get??

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