Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm different

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

I’ve learned to appreciate what I have
I’ve learned to make full use of what I have, and not to daydream
I’ve learned to think wisely, considerately
I’ve learned to become a more useful person
I’ve learned to give more and not only take from others
I’ve learned to become stronger
I’ve learned to become better
I’ve learned to become humble
I’ve found my way, my target of life, and not to blindly follow
I’m ready to sacrifice something I like
I’m aware that there are so much more for me to learn and I will continue learning
I’ve grown… and I would like to thank those who made me a better and happier person today
I’m really grateful to them, knowing that they are the ones who concern and care for me the most, no matter what
I will never forget this forever…
I love all of you

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