Sunday, August 17, 2008

It was a happy birthday

In the mood of drinking banana milk tea

Birthday is a day when you get attention from people around you. It feels so good. A simple and sincere wish is worth lot more than any present. The part I enjoyed most during my birthday is just merely getting wishes from my friends and family. Hearing my phone ringing continuously is just enjoyable.

I would like to say THANKS to all who wished me on my birthday.
Especially Jiay Yuan, Vivien, Keng Leong, Chu Hoong and Chwan Yeong who came all the way from KL to Malacca to celebrate with me as I couldnt get a bus ticket to KL. I was so touched and happy to see them. I'd say it was my happiest day in Malacca. I really smiled from deep inside my heart. Also not to forget Shaw Jhee who called me from Australia, Win-ni from London, Pau Pau, Wei Lee, Endry who video called me and sang me a birthday song and also those who texted me and wished me on facebook n friendster. This year's birthday was as GREAT as last year's!!

Satay celup

Celup celup

What are u people doing??

Jonker Walk after the heavy dinner

Rubber band guns

Chicken ball rice

Nice deco light from Jiay Yuan

Huge bowl for me to eat noodles from Chwan Yeong

Bottles of juices from Chu Hoong

Mini fan from Vivien

A super fun toy from Keng Leong


Win-Ni said...

sorry for not calling you on sat, i was out all day, and my phone has no credit now.

seems like a great bday you have, and i like this post really much, because it sounded really sincere, truthful, most of all - happy.

i can feel it even im in london. :)

the gifts from your friends is so good, cheap and practical! haha, all students mar, got heart okay zor!

i hope the coming days in melacca is going to be as joyful as your bday, and, above all, you, have a wonderful journey of being a 20year old youth, and more happiness and adventurous for the next twenties of 20 years!

xxx love,

teapot said...

its ok...
it was awesome n i was so happy.
thx for wishing..

Khor said...

haha.finally got my name.
wah.i help zhen wen them to fight for leaving names in ur proud.haha

Khor said...
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teapot said...

haha.. u guys deserved to be mentioned here...