Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ching Ming a.k.a CM

In the mood of drinking green tea

* For convenience, Ching Ming will be written in short as CM in this post.

I just had the CM session this year yesterday. Well, nothing much to say. To me, its hot and boring but still I had to go. So did I. And surprisingly, one of my cousins flew back from Argentina for CM. I was like 'WHOA'!!! So 'gengs'. CM in my family is not the usual big big family reunion like other families because many of my cousins were not there. Every year, its just a few cousins and with all the uncles and aunties (boring!!!). This year's CM was as usual. They are always late and not punctual. But there were nobody there when we reached as it was already a week past the actual date. I am so tired of the packed grave site. So it was good for me. Weather was fine, not too hot. We were lucky as it started to rain after we finished the prayers. Or else, I dont wanna imagine how wet we would be. After having lunch nearby, we went back to my aunt's home. End of story.

I miss him

entered sleep mode


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Qiuwei said...

i feel very speechless to ur uncle..hahha