Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hate IT!!!

In the mood of drinking black tea

Sometimes, I have the feeling of hating myself. Looking back on the past, I felt that I'm not a good person, not a good son, not a good friend. Today should be a happy day as I expected, but it turned out to be a day that sucks and made me turned down my friend who asked me out. I hate today. I'm feeling alone. I don't wanna think of anything right now. I just wanna leave my mind blank. Perhaps that's the best way to ease my hatred and make me feel better.


Win-Ni the Missy Cake said...

what's up buddy?

hope things are fine for you. text me if u need someone to be there. :)

Earl Grey said...

hey,it's me,ai shan...surprise to u,i suppose!haha...ur 'teapot' makes good tea! and hope u have happy,fullest life...(earl grey is a type of British tea,too.not bad to try at least once =p )

Xingie said...

Hello teko! How has it been? The past is the past anyway, it's done, it's over. Look forward. :) Hey, don't be a stranger to me ya? Please and thank you *grin*

teapot said...

sorry for replying late as i dont have internet and laptop for a few weeks. first of all thx for concerning. im fine

win-ni: im fine. dun worry. keep in touch

ai shan: glad u visited my blog. take care n come back often

xingie: thx for ur concern. i'm fine and i aint a stranger to u